Schools distribute student MetroCards to eligible students at the beginning of each semester, and as needed during the school year.

You can immediately use your student MetroCard at every subway and local bus. Student MetroCards cannot be used on express buses.

Student MetroCards are:

  • Different from “regular” MetroCards sold to the public
  • Good for three trips each school day; allowing a student to travel to school, from school to an after-school activity, and from that activity to home
  • Only to be used by the student to whom it was assigned
  • For traveling to and from school and school-related activities between 5:30AM and 8:30PM
  • For traveling only on days when the student’s school is open for classes
  • Valid for one school semester



Lost Metrocard Policy

  • Students are responsible for their metro cards, please follow the instructions for replacing lost or damaged metro cards. Students must fill out this form with their parent’s signature and return it to Ms. Russell in the Welcome Center, Room 316A. If a student’s metro card is not reading in the machine, they must return the damaged card to Ms. Russell