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Admissions Offer and Waitlist

Offer Letter: (information taken from p.57 2021 NYC DOE H.S. Admissions)

Student high school offer letters will become available in MySchools in March; it will also be mailed to your home address. This letter will include:  

  • High School offer
  • If applicable, your Specialized High School Results
  • Next steps, such as how to choose between multiple offers (if applicable)
  • Information about any programs where you’ve been waitlisted.

Waitlist Information: More information can be found at the NYC Public Schools Waitlist page

1. Students Automatically on Waitlists

Students are automatically on the waitlist for each program listed higher on their application than their offer. For example:

  • A student who gets an offer to their 3rd choice program is automatically on the waitlists for their 1st choice and 2nd choice programs.
  • A student who gets an offer to their 1st choice program is not automatically on any waitlists.

2. Monitoring Waitlist Information

Families can check their child’s position on any waitlist in real time through their MySchools account and/or through their Middle School Guidance Counselor:

  • You can add yourself to any waitlist
  • Accept or decline waitlist offers
  • Each program has separate GE and SWD waitlists.

3. More Offers Than Available Seats:

When offers are released in March, the NYC DOE Enrollment office makes more offers than available seats at each program.

  • To account for expected attrition.
  • Programs will not necessarily make waitlist offers whenever a student with an offer goes elsewhere (opts out, discharged, chooses a Specialized High School offer, etc.)
  • If we do use our waitlist we will be contacting students after high school decisions are due.   We will not be making any waitlist offers before the specified time by the NYCDOE Admissions Department.