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Safety and Security

The General Response Protocol (GRP) has been designed to provide all schools with the direction they will take when an emergency Incident occurs. At its core is the use of common language to identify the initial measures all school communities will take until first responders arrive. ln every incident, school administrators will need to assess the unique circumstances that will affect how the GRP is implemented.

Contact Information:
Mr Casil
Assistant Principal of Safety / Security
718-217-3613 Ext. 3613
Emergency readiness training in schools takes place in September and continues for staff and students throughout the school year. Student training is designed to ensure that students understand the importance of these drills without causing unnecessary alarm.
All families are reminded to update the Emergency Contact Cards that are on file in our main office. This includes providing and updating information indicating phone numbers, and the names of adults to whom the school may release children in an emergency. Families are also encouraged to register with Notify NYC to receive information about emergency events, call 311 for additional information, and contact our school’s Parent Coordinator at 698-4200 extension 1151. Upon return to the building, notifications will be sent to you via our Pupil Path email system, electronic phone message, and will be posted on our website. In the event of relocation to another site, you will receive messages via our phone message system, Pupil Path email system, and website notification.
In the attachment below, you will find a General Response Protocol (GRP) Fact Sheet which explains several types of drills designed to help prepare our school community for three (3) different types of responses to emergencies that may occur – evacuation, lockdown, and shelter-in