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Student Resources for SLC


The Purpose of the Student-Led Conference

The purpose of student-led conferences is to provide you with the opportunity to share with your parents what you are learning in school. It also provides you the opportunity to share with your parents your educational goals and pieces of your work that make you especially proud.

Steps to Student-Led Conferences/Student Responsibilities:

  • Throughout the school year, keep your work and assignments organized in folders or binders.
  • Be sure to complete your Student Portfolio (see template below or the one shared by your Advisor in Google Classroom).
  • On the day before the conference, make sure your portfolio is in order.
  • Make sure you have chosen two pieces of work per class to share with your parents.
  • Come to the conference with your parents.
  • Use the SLC Student Script or your portfolio to help guide you through your student-led conference.

Resources and Materials: