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Teacher Resources for SLC

Goals of Student-Led Conferences:

  • To encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning.
  • To teach students to evaluate their academic performance.
  • To engage the parent, the student, and the teacher in honest dialogue.
  • To increase parent participation at conference time.

Teacher Responsibilities:

Most of the teacher’s responsibilities occur before the student-led conference takes place. The following is a list of things that teachers should do prior to the conference.

  • Train students on student-led conferencing.
  • Provide ample time for students to get their portfolios together before the conference.
  • Reach out to parents to schedule or confirm their appointments.

During the Conference:

  • Encourage the student to keep focused on his or her checklist and portfolio.
  • When you have conversation, be positive and supportive, emphasizing the things the student has accomplished. Keep the focus on the student.
  • Remind parents to sign the appointment log.
  • Encourage parents to use PupilPath and/or Google Classroom in order to be informed of their child's progress.

After the Conference Reflections:

  • Were my students prepared?
  • Did I think the conferences were effective?
  • What might I have done differently?

Resources and Materials:

SLC Newsletter (February 2020)

Network Group Lesson (SLC Prep)